Compress Image file to 150KB

Compress image to 150KB online is a free JPEG compressor tool for reduce the size of the picture, This converter will do convert or resize the photo to below 150kb dimension image.


This is an online image compressor to 150 kb tool used for reduce the aspect resolution of photograph to 150kb. Reducer app will resize your image size into 150kb jpg in online free. If you want to Compress your images to 150kb size adjust the quality factor as per your requirement or enter direct value in kb. This will reduce the photo size to above 100kb and below 200kb in online free. In 150 kb image you will get the good quality of image with HD pixels without loosing the major details of it.

How to Compress the Image size to 150kb online?

  1. For Resize, select your image file to Compress image to 150kb online.
  2. This Image Reducer will optimize your photo aspects, and resize image dimension to 150kb jpeg.
  3. By pressing the Download Button you can save the output image to your device.

This is online converter for images to get the exact image size to 150kb.