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Compress image to 20KB is free online JPEG image compression tool for reduce the picture size, This converter will do resize the photo to set the below 20kb dimension.

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If you want to reduce the size of your image to near 20kb, you've come to the right place. This is an best powerfull online image compression tool and very usefull for compress your image file to 20kb jpg/jpeg. It works exact as the online photo reduction application for your digital Pass photo and Signature files. This image optimizer will supports wide verity of image formats like the jpg, jpeg, png, and google WebP. This image shrinker application will resize image dimensions like as width & height, and compress the quality of the image equal to 20kb pic. This optimizer will resize photo and sign into 5kb file for bank, railway, police exam registration

Most of the online exam applications like bank, finance, railway, police are need to submit the photograph in below 20kb. This online Free Image Kit webapp will used exactly for convert or compress your image file to near 20kb size freely.

How to compress image to 20kb in online?

  1. For Resize, select your jpg from device to online Compress image to 20kb.
  2. This jpeg Resizer will optimize photo, and resize img dimension to 20kb jpeg.
  3. save your file by clicking the Download Button

This photo converter will convert your image file size to 20kb jpg by optimizing the aspects like quality factor of image and compress the occupied image memory size. it support the both Lossy and Lossless compression methods for getting 20kb compression image. Lossy type will remove unimportent bits, exif data from the image file. Lossless algorithm removes the duplicate data bits from file.

To compress an image to 20KB, you will need to reduce the file size by adjusting the image quality, resolution, and/or format. Here are the steps you can follow to compress an image:

  1. Choose an image compression tool: There are many free online image compression tools available, such as, and, that can help you reduce the file size of your image.
  2. Select the image: Choose the image that you want to compress and upload it to the compression tool of your choice.
  3. Adjust the quality: Most image compression tools offer a slider or a numeric value that allows you to adjust the image quality. Decreasing the image quality will reduce the file size, but it will also decrease the visual quality of the image. Experiment with different values until you reach the desired file size.
  4. Resize the image: Reducing the resolution of the image will also reduce its file size. You can use the compression tool to resize the image to a smaller size.
  5. Change the format: Some image formats, such as JPEG and PNG, are more suited for compression than others, such as BMP and TIFF. Try changing the format of your image to see if it reduces the file size.
Note: Keep in mind that compressing an image too much will reduce its visual quality and may result in a blurry or pixelated image.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to compress photo to 20kb?

You can easily resize image to 20kb using online resizer. just upload the picture on compress image to 20kb webapp. press the compress image button, your file compressed to the below 20kb photo. You can compress jpg, jpeg, and png files with our photo compressor Tool.

How to resize picture to 20kb?

resizing is the process of altering the image dimensions to required values. This online 20kb resizer will resize the image to 20kb free. submit your file it will convert image and you can download the 20kb jpeg to device. >

Where these 20kb photos are useful?

20kb images are best for set the profile photo for social media accounts (WhatsApp, facebook, instagram), online job applications, recruiting portals like naukri, indeed. In India, USA, UK most of the countries government sector( railway, police, navi, army, bank, teacher ) and private sector online job application want to upload pass photo size upto 20kb size.