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Online converter tool helps you set the perfect whatsap dp, story, square photo, status, profile picture from you device.

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Whatsapp resizer is used to resize your photo to set as as WhatApp DP Profile Picture. Just select the picture from gallery. This converter tool acurately set the whatsapp photo to set whatsapp dp, whatsapp status photo sizes freely.

How to resize image for WhatsApp?

  1. Select picture from device, and upload it on WhatsApp Resizer.
  2. Choose the required resolution from the list.
  3. Enter the required Width & Height values.
  4. Click on Resize Image button to start resizing.
  5. Save the WhatsApp picture by pressing the download button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are best resolutions for Whatsapp dp, story, status photos?

WhatsApp support the plenty of resolutions to set the picture correctly. for WhatsApp Dp image 500x500 pixel is best. for sending the post in square use the 800x800 px. For WhatsApp status photo use the 1080x1920 pixels. for setting image for story image choose the 753x1334 px are best suits.